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One of the great things about living in such an area as active and vibrant as Waynesboro, VA are that new things are constantly coming our way that we can get excited about as a community. In fact, there are so many exciting things going on that it’s easy to miss them if you’re not looking for them!

In this post we’re going to talk about some of these amazing community projects that are fueled in large part thanks to the efforts of volunteers generously giving their time. If you want us to spotlight your favorite local non-profit, let us know in the comments and we’ll blog about them in an upcoming post!

#1 – Creative Works Farm/Camp LIGHT

Creative Works Farm has been up and running since 2014 and continues to grow more and more every year. They have so many amazing things in the works that we knew they had to be #1 on this list.

Started by Scott and Cathy Balsley, Camp LIGHT is the first summer camp in the Shenandoah Valley specifically for kids with special needs and at-risk youth.

As if their mission wasn’t inspiring enough, they’re currently doing construction to build a 50’s styled down to life here in Waynesboro (or as they’re dubbing it, “Adaville”). The town will eventually feature a gas station, town hall, general store, post office, fire/rescue building, and a list of camp activities to keep even the most active kids entertained for days!

Activities include:

  • Animals, especially horses
  • Organic Gardening and Nutrition
  • Art, Music, and Theater
  • Swimming and Physical Therapy
  • Sports
  • Nature Hikes & Exploration

They are doing amazing things over at Creative Works Farm and they’re always in need of more volunteers to help brings these grand visions to life. If you’re interested in getting involved, send them a message on their website.

Waynesboro, VA - Camp LIGHT - Summer Camp for At-Risk Youth

Image Source: Creative Works Farm

#2 – Wayne Theatre

Originally opened in 1926, the Wayne Theatre was originally played silent films. Since then the theater has had some gaps in operation but fortunately for the community’s sake the Wayne Theatre re-opened its doors on April 19th, 2016, this time as a theater to support all of the creative arts, not simply a movie theater.

Wayne Theatre Alliance, the non-profit behind Wayne Theatre, has a stated mission to enhance the artistic, cultural, educational, and economic life of Waynesboro and the surrounding areas through the operation of the Wayne Theatre, production of cultural events, and partnerships with local, regional, and state organizations.

The Wayne Theatre is seeking volunteers to serve as Ambassadors who will help “prepare the venue, greet, scan tickets, and serve their patrons in a hundred different ways.”

Follow the link to get started on your journey to becoming a Wayne Theatre Ambassador.

Waynesboro, VA - Wayne Theatre - Community Arts

Image Source: Old Virginia Blog 


#3 – Waynesboro Heritage Foundation & Museums

For any of you history lovers like myself, the Waynesboro Heritage Foundation is a truly exceptional part of our community that doesn’t get nearly enough recognition. Founded in 1997, the Foundation operates two museums the area.

The Waynesboro Heritage Museum preserves and tells the story of Waynesboro’s great history all the way from its founding in 1797 to more recent history. This is a must-see museum for anybody interested in the history of Waynesboro.

The Plumb House Museum, whose construction began in 1802 when Thomas Jefferson was president, is the oldest frame dwelling in Waynesboro. The home has done an excellent job of capturing the history of the Civil War and hosts an annual reenactment of the Battle of Waynesboro each March.

Any history lovers who would like to help in discovering and sharing Waynesboro’s rich past should fill out an online application or apply in-person at the Waynesboro Heritage Museum.

Waynesboro Heritage Museum - History Preservation

Image Source: