Google Penalty Removal

Whether it’s a penalty related to Penguin, Panda or a Manual Penalty – we can help you recover.

If you’ve received a notification in your Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) account notifying you that you have been given a Google Manual Penalty, you need not read any further. Get in touch and we can start the removal process.

If you think you’ve been the victim of a Panda or Penguin related penalty, we may need to first establish whether or not you have been. It’s also possible to be a victim of a ‘partial’ Penguin penalty, where only specific keywords are affected. In order to establish this, we will need access to your Google Analytics and Google Search Console profiles.

We can help you with…

  • Google Penguin Algorithmic Penalty (Identification, Recovery & After Care)
  • Google Panda Algorithmic Penalty (Identification, Recovery & After Care)
  • Google Manual Action Penalty (Identification, Recovery & After Care)
  • Bing Penalties (Identification, Recovery & After Care)

Google Penalty FAQ

There a number of different types of manual action – the most common being a manual action for links and link spam. You may be reading this page because you’ve noticed that you’re no longer ranking for a specific set of terms, maybe even for your own brand – it’s not uncommon for SEOs to build too many links with over optimised anchor text, which ultimately leads to this type of penalty.

Will my rankings return to what they were before the penalty?

This is the most common question we are asked, and probably the most important of them all. The answer is entirely case dependent.

If you’ve had previous SEO work done and their work was primarily focused on building links, then probably not. Link spam is not always detected right away so you may have a period of ranking high and receiving high amounts of traffic. But if you have a good site, and a strong backlink profile (after the spam has been removed) you might find that you will perform better after the penalty has been lifted, and that the link spam was creating a ‘glass ceiling’ effect, holding you back from ranking higher.

Can you guarantee that the penalty will be removed?

Unfortunately, no. With all things in SEO, it is impossible to guarantee any results. We’re all working with search engines that don’t publicise their algorithms, all we can do is adhere to best practice guidelines and follow processes that we know to work.

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