As an online marketer, you wont be surprised to hear me advocating the benefits of outsourcing. In every business of any size, there are several reasons why hiring a third party to complete tasks is a wise idea. In todays guide, Im going to go through some of the major reasons why you should consider outsourcing for your business. Lets dive in!

The Jack Of All Trades Is The Master Of None

You are the king of your product and company, and no one knows it quite like you. But, when it comes to other areas of business, can you call yourself an expert? Whether its marketing, finance, or even cleaning the staff bathroom, there is someone out there that can do it better. You could train yourself, of course. But, you will be able to bring in genuine expertise and skill that surpasses your own – at half the cost. You will also benefit from up to date knowledge. And, when you combine that with your knowledge of your industry, it can be a powerful tool.

Freedom Is Low Overheads

Hiring people full time costs money. You have to consider their wages, taxes, insurance – and you might even face pension payments now, too. Paying a third party is a one-off payment, and perfect for small projects that wont run and run. You fix a price, they do the work, and you pay for it. Thats it – there are no ongoing concerns about training or hiring costs, and it wont cause you problems when your income takes a downturn.

Risky Business

While we are on the topic of employees, there are a lot of contractual risks involved when you hire people full time. But, it is greatly diminished when you outsource. You can still hold poor performance to account while avoiding the many issues that hiring people can bring through the door.

Speed Is Of The Essence

Outsourcing gets the job done quicker than learning to do it yourself. You could, for example, spend a few months learning the intricacies of good SEO practice, and then a few more months teaching your employees. But, why bother when you can find a good SEO agency that can do it all for you in half the time?

Time Is Money

Finally, as a business owner, you will be well aware that your time costs money. So, when it comes to doing certain tasks for your business, does it make sense to waste your time completing them? Lets say that when you are selling your product, you are worth 500 a day to your company. You do it four days a week and spend a Friday sorting out your paperwork. Its just basic filing and accounts that anyone with a little nous could do – but it cost you 500. Could you not hire someone for 50-100 instead? A skilled data entry clerk or virtual assistant will be able to do it twice as fast as you could, at a minimum. And that means you will spend more time on the profit-making activities for your business.

So, I hope these five reasons to outsource help shine some light on how it can improve your business. As ever, let me know your thoughts!