If you’re running a small startup business, then you’ll probably know that one great way of getting more hits on your website, and that is to run a blog. However, the main problem is trying to increase engagement with it, and do to that, you’re going to need to follow some of our easy tips below.


Search engine optimization, or SEO, is massive within the digital world right now. As a startup, you should be keen to utilize such techniques to help grow your business. The sole aim of SEO is to raise the ranking of your online presence within search results on sites such as Google. If you’re at the top of the pile, then your startup’s site is going to land more hits. Ultimately, this means a significant increase in the number of engagements with your blog. Be sure to invest wisely in SEO services, paying only for what you need from companies. Outsourcing is a great idea, because it saves you the time or the wage of an SEO specialist. However, be wary not to overkill the service and end up costing yourself a ton of cash. Pay for only what you need. Regardless, SEO remains one of the biggest marketing trends in 2016.

Social Media Marketing

Next up is social media. If your startup hasn’t already set up multiple social networking channels, then it’s time to get your act together. Simply utilizing Twitter and Facebook to your advantage isn’t enough anymore. Businesses are using Snapchat’s Discover feature, Instagram, Pinterest, and Periscope to successfully drive engagement. If you want to get your blog some serious hits, then you’re going to need to link back to it from various social media sites. Make sure that your blog post titles are ‘click-sexy’. What this means is that they are eye-catching and tempting titles that entice consumers to click through and follow the link to your blog. Increased traffic is obviously going to result in increased engagement. So, be sure to follow this step, today!

Guest Posting

Finally, if you want to add a new edge to your blog to really get people engaging with it, then open it up to guest posts. By allowing guests to post on your blog, you are creating B2B connections. A blogger with a large following on social media is only going to increase the profile of your startup’s own blog by posting on it. It really does make sense! Dont’ worry, you don’t have to sign your name to their post either, you can simply state that this is a guest post. Thousands of companies are using guest posting to promote a start up, and yours should be the next in line. If engagement is drying up, and the methods listed above aren’t proving as successful as you’d like, then this is the way forward!

Hopefully, these three easy tips get your startup’s blog moving. They should have really helped your site gain additional engagement, too. If they have, and you enjoyed this post, then let us know in the comments below!