If you have time, type in any keyword into Google. Click through until you get onto page 10,000 of the search results. Welcome to the internet graveyard. These are the sites that no one ever sees or finds. You might be surprised at the quality of these sites too. Some are quite good. They’re well designed with passable writing. Or they have a poor design and are filled with writing that has a unique flair. The might also be only half complete. There are plenty of sites online that been abandoned and left with an expired domain name. Some of these sites belong to businesses that failed to find an audience or the demand for their product.

We know what you’re thinking. That will never happen to my business site. Well, you might be surprised because the smallest mistake could stop your company finding an audience. Here are some of the most grievous errors that could really put a spanner in the works for your company.

Blackhat Tactics

Don’t even think about using black hat tactics of marketing to quickly and easily boost your site up in ranking. It’s simply not worth the danger involved. If you use black hat tactics, you might find that they work for a short period. But after that the problems, Google analyses your site and marks the quality as poor. You get hit by a penalty and your site ranking drops off the scale, never to be recovered. You’d be surprised how often this occurs.

If you’re wondering, what black hat tactics are there are quite a few. One example is filling your website with junk articles. Marketers know that if you want a site to rise in ranking, you must add content and get it shared. But a black hat tactic is to fill it with content and low-quality links. Again, the rank will rise for a short time and then another penalty hits your business.

Simplifying SEO

Another mistake business owners make is to simplify SEO. Believe it or not, there are still some people who believe that SEO refers to adding links and using the right keywords. That’s the whole story for them. To the rest of us, we know that content is a part of SEO as well as social media. Then there are other factors such as how many backlinks you have to your site. All of these issues piece together to make one large optimization puzzle. But if you’ve only got a couple of pieces you’re never going to see the full, splendid picture. Your SEO campaign will always be a few steps behind the competition.

This is one of the reasons why DIY SEO isn’t the smartest idea. If you use DIY SEO, you’re going to struggle to get the level of quality that you need. It’s best to hire a professional SEO company to fix the issue for you. That way, you won’t be caught in the trap of resorting to black hat tactics and cutting corners.

Poor Design

Many business owners underestimate the importance of attractive, stylish and modern web design. They think that once they get customers to their site, buying behavior will take off the rest. Not so fast, though. There’s no guarantee that once customers find your site they stick around for purchase. In fact, it’s possible they click right back off it. This is almost certain to happen if your web page is designed poorly. It’s in your best interest to put a little more effort in here. Use a web design agency to make sure your site looks stunning. As well as this, make sure it’s easy for customers to use. Remember, the easier it is for them, the more likely they are to make a purchase.

Social Media Mishaps

Finally, almost every business owner now understands the value of social media. But that doesn’t stop them from making a few crucial mistakes. First, using social media isn’t enough. You need to be active in getting people to follow you and check your updates. Your social media needs to be a source of knowledge in the industry. Second, it must be connected to other parts of your marketing campaign, including your website. If you don’t do this, you’re not using the full power of the tool. Third and perhaps most importantly, your social media has got to have a unique voice. You need to find a way to ensure your business connects on a more personal level to the audience.